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Take a moment to learn more about your finances from our own knowledgeable staff.

Online & Mobile Banking


Online Banking Navigation

A quick overview of the navigation within Online Banking.


Pay A Person

Send payments quickly to your friends and family using their mobile phone number or email address.


Mobile App Navigation

A quick overview of the navigation with the Mobile App.


Bill Pay

Learn how to set up new payees in the Bill Pay feature of our digital banking platform.

Online Payments


Easy Online Payments

You can now make easy one-time or recurring payments on your ORNL FCU loans from another financial institution at!


Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

Meet Our ITMs

In this video you learn all you can do at one of our Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs, including depositing cash and checks, making loan payments and more! All while speaking to a live, local ITM agent located in our Oak Ridge headquarters.


New Bill Mix Function

Using the new bill mix function on our ATM/ITM combo machines, you can now select what denomination you want your bills in return! Follow Amanda as she takes you on a quick tutorial.

Debit & Credit Cards

Debit Card

Card Management

Have you ever left your debit card at a store or restaurant? Keep your mind at ease with our new card management feature now available on our online banking and mobile app. Simply lock, unlock, or report your debit card lost or stolen with just a few simple steps!

Credit Card

Save Big with our Visa Platinum Credit Card

With no-fee balance transfers or cash advances and a low introductory rate, our card is hard to beat.

Privacy & Security


Protecting Your Privacy

We do a lot behind the scenes to keep your information safe. However, there are a few things you can do in order to further protect your finances. In this video we discuss protecting and using your debit card PIN, submitting a travel notice, and reviewing your credit report.


How to Submit a Travel Notice

Going on vacation? Don't forget to submit a travel notice through our online banking or mobile app before you leave! Here are some simple steps that only take a minute to ensure you have access to your funds while out of state.


Avoiding Real Estate Wire Fraud

Real Estate Wire Fraud happens all too frequently. Here is some information with tips and tricks to help you avoid falling victim to this popular scam while purchasing your dream home.

Tools & Tips


How to Avoid Fees

Avoid fees with tools like our overdraft protection, fee-free coin machines (members only), and more!


How to Increase and Maintain Your Credit Score

Is your credit score low, or are you just beginning to build credit? Learn how to increase and maintain your credit score with these simple steps while checking your progress for free!


7 Title and 7 Insurance

Did you know as a credit union member that you have access to a quality title and insurance company? They are credit union people, helping credit union people find the easiest and most affordable rates on your home closings and insurance.

Business Banking

Business Online Banking

Adding New Roles/Users

Learn how to set up roles and sub-users within digital banking.